Pukas in Paradise 4-4-2021

maui necklace seashells pukas hawaii beach shell collecting

I think the connection of collecting or gathering runs so deep in all of our lineages in some way that that's why there are so many of us "gatherers" out there. Being a believer that we live many lifetimes I also believe we carry all of those lives and their experiences within our DNA.  At one point or another I'm sure many of us had to survive by gathering, collecting and storing to survive. In this lifetime though gathering and collecting feels more of a luxury for me and a blessing.  

When I was young I spent countless hours in the woods by myself, with my siblings or my cats.  I built forts with wood gathered from the surroundings which I then collected "things" to put in my fort such as rocks, feathers etc...In my 21st year I moved to Maui, that was over 25 years ago.  You can imagine my joy in shell collecting! Constantly in the ocean and at the beach I started my small shell and puka collection and it grew and grew over the last 25 years.  Today it is still one of my most favorite things in the world to do. In this Puka Collection I share with you all of my favorite elements, Tahitian Pearls, Quartz Crystal, Wood and Pukas.

 They were once the bottom part of the cone shell or snail shell and have spent many moons being tumbled in the ocean. In hawaiian language the word "puka" means hole which is naturally occurring in them. For me they hold a lot of mana (spiritual energy of power and strength) of the ocean.  Being thrashed and tumbled around by the ocean would require some serious power and strength after all and then they come out looking beautiful. There's some metaphor in there for life isn't there?

All the pukas in my designs are from Maui. Many hours of looking, diving and myself being tumbled about by her majesty, the ocean herself.  This in itself is holy to me.  May you feel the sun kissing your face, taste the saltwater on your skin, hear the ocean beating it's drum on the beach and feel the wind blowing through your hair with a plumeria tucked behind your ear while wearing your pukas!