Everything in the universe contains profound and untapped wisdom. Tusk, Maui honours this intelligence with empowering and healing jewelry. From shimmering Soul Totems seen in O: the Oprah Magazine to spirited accessories hand-stamped with symbols, my collections bring stories to life with vibrational gemstones, poetic language and precious metals.

Moving to Hawaii many moons ago, I instantly fell in love the with the island chain’s tropical abundance: waterfalls cleansed me, beaches caressed my feet, I wandered lush jungles and climbed majestic mountains. Surfing allowed me greater insight into the mysteries of the ocean; the tidal ebb and flow offering enlightenment about life’s powerful rhythms and cycles.

When I met my husband many years ago I was introduced to some sacred creatures. Outside my Maui studio, wild boars roam free. Getting to know these fascinating creatures on the land surrounding my home has been a life-changing spiritual experience for me. Five tusked souls have taught me that when you approach something with love, a deep connection can be forged. What you put out into the universe returns tenfold; the essence of karmic law.

In Hawaiian storytelling, the native God Kamapua’a was a “Hog Child” who turned the Goddess Pele’s lava into rich and fertile soils, and it is from this verdant earth that Tusk’s aura-strengthening crystals are sourced. I make necklaces, bracelets and earrings that act as cosmic talismans for the wearer, each reflecting land and sky, sea and sand, sunrays and starlight.

Stones such as amethyst, druzy, labradorite and turquoise are encased or enhanced with silver or gold; many pieces come with their own stamped metal which is sanded, oxidized and polished. With 17 years of bodywork experience behind me, I know the therapeutic power of the natural world. Gems and metals offer wearers an opportunity to harness healing energies that the cosmos bestowed to us.

When I create Tusk jewelry, I imbue each piece with little reflections, mirroring back the wearer’s most cherished colours, memories, emotions and sayings.Each unique accessory carries a universe of symbolism. By wearing Tusk you tell a story, filled with soulful wild spirit…

Devri xo